City of Chicago

The City of Chicago covers an area of 148,000 acres and sits 578 feet above sea level on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan – the 5th largest body of fresh water in the world. The city is traversed by the Chicago and Calumet rivers. Chicago’s extensive parklands, including 3,000 hectares of city parks attract an estimated 86 million visitors annually.

As a multicultural city that thrives on the harmony and diversity of its neighborhoods, Chicago today embodies the values of America’s heartland-integrity, hard work and community and reflects the ideals in the social fabric of its 77 distinct neighborhoods.

Chicago is recognized across the United States as a very passionate sports town.

Chicago is a leader in reforming public schools, enhancing public safety and security initiatives, providing affordable housing in attractive and economically sound communities, ensuring accessibility for all and fostering, social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Interactive Map of Chicago

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